Thursday, 23 November 2017

Labelling Fractions

today we are learning about labelling fraction and we have to colour in the squres that say  fractions and and draw one at the bottom hope you enjoy :)

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Equivalent Fractions in Pictures

A fraction can have different numerators and denominators but still have the same value.
One half is coloured in yellow. Can you work out how many quarters, eighths and sixths make one half?

  1. How many sixths make a half? 2

  1. How many eighths make a quarter? 4

  1. 6/8 equals how many quarters? 5/2

  1. One half equals how many quarters? 6/2

Monday, 20 November 2017

Choose It Narrative

A Long time ago once upon a time there  was a little  boy called Jack. When he got older he really wanted to take people on his  plane  it. Had green forests and trees in front of the plane’s nose tangled up.  On the side of it had walking steers and it look like a house because of the green grass and it looks like one because the steers when you walk up there might be a door there or a secret button that you have to click. When the little boy saw at the back of him he saw to planes just like the first plane he saw.  The little boy saw a water car in front of the plane and he saw blue shining water. Next when I flew I did not know that there was a person climbing on the steps so he fell of and frew a bomb the my plane exploded like fireworks. I had no parachute so my boss flew in his plane and got me and then I was safe and after I was on a new plane and going back to New Zealand and that was the world's biggest plane and I was famous   because I went on the world's biggest plane after that I went  home and I went to  sleep and the next day. I went to the plane and flying  over to  America to get the  people from the hospital and come back to New Zealand and go back to America to get all the people in the hospital because there was fire in America and then we got back to New Zealand and we got all the people safe.