Friday, 24 March 2017


Mr Moran writing class went to do a obstacle course on  monday morning after the  mihi  we went to the field  and there was doing relay race the boy vs girl and it was Zoe and sifa was  first i was second we was doing a spin  around on the  pole 4 time after that we very to jump over the hurdles  after that it was the hala hoop finally the cone

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Friday, 17 March 2017


1st Sentence: What do you see walking up to the ride?
As I was walking to the Roller coaster and I was looking up in the air.
2nd Sentence: How do you feel?
As i was skipped to the line I feel like I was track  in  there.

3rd Sentence: Waiting in line.
As i was waiting In the line I was getting ready to get In the Rollercoaster one I got in the ride as i was I can see two car crash with a plause car and I can hear superman superman we you and I saw a light and the ride was going to start It  went like a car going  very fast it went up and down and a around  and down and it was the end of   the  ride                               

Friday, 10 March 2017


this is all the kids in my class birthday.
birthdays a when you were bon.
Beach Mission

This afternoon i was walking to the beach i was going to put up my umbrella because i was getting sunburn and i just ran  in the sea with my friend  his name was rae jae me and raejae was running in the sea and  come out and lie  down .

Sudeley i saw a ship on fire and it was stranded so me and rae jae  was looking for a way there and i can hear  the people screaming because there was fire around the ship i went on a speed boat once i got to the ship there was sok in the room and i saw the people in my speed boat they was looking for me and one dad found me so went in my speed boat and we went to the beach.