Friday, 2 November 2018

That Really Stinks

  1. WALT identify the characters, setting and problem in a narrative story.
    WALT write an engaging solution to the problem in a narrative story.
    1. Watch the story starter for the story, That Really Stinks.

    1. Plan for your writing: in the Bathroom and the doors and the
    2. monsters cave Sam and his sister

    Characters:Sam and his sister
    Setting:He was playing with the sister's phone and then the
    Problem: The monster took her sister's phone.

    1. Write the ending for the story. He touches the phone and then
    2. it Farted and then he drops the phone and then Sam went and
    3.  goes and get it and run away and take her phone back to his sister.

    1. Fast finisher He was playing with his sister phone and he  
    2. keep on pushing it and then it farted again and then the
    3. monster came out of the Toilet then he was Holding it and
    4. then when the monsters other hand  was tickling him and

    5. then he let go of the phone and then he had to go in the toilet and
    6. flush him down to go and get it.

    • Write the beginning of the story to go with the movie.
  2. monster came and took it and he said oh I'm in big trouble from my
  3. sister.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018


today for DMIC we have to do Problem and his is  Room 9 and room 10 and going to begin painting in the next week.