Friday, 29 June 2018

skydiving Recount

Today  me and rae jae Were  going skydiving so we got a GoPro and then we. Went into a plane and then we went up into the sky. And then i Jumped out of the plane and going down Very fast and i saw some big  Mountain with some. Snow on the Top and big Rocks i thought that i was going into the mountain. But i did Not i went over it and i saw a very big mountain with big snows and then i went down and then i Learned safely  but that was the Scariest day of my Life and I went home and Head a Milo and it is the end of my skydiving Recount.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

term 2 Animation Voice Over-Rm 9

This term we are learning about thrust drag lift and weight. Thrust makes force and force makes the propeller and it makes lfit.The force of the propeller is a fan that has the rotational motion that creates thrust.Occurs naturally and object goes through air or water that flows through the water.Weight is payload that which means luggag.