Thursday, 18 October 2018

Aboriginal Art Symbols

today we are doing Aboriginal Art Symbols There was a waterhole but no water was god and heaps of people but they and then they went over this River river but also did they had to build a bridge and another Waterhole but that was someone else is Waterhole so we ask him can we have some and they said there was none so we went to the song called and asked me and I said I was meant to and then we saw some kangaroo and emu friends and that to be continued.


Hey my name is siakupega this is my DMIC work for Tuesday . I was confused of the DMIC because its was hard and tiring. Hope you Enjoy


Writing:Last Thursday me and my cousin went for adventure to ten places.and that was the Surprised day of my Life

First we went to Mt Wellington  Volcano.Then we went to one tree
hill And then we went to the  Museum and I saw a Lots of
Dinosaur bones in I went to the volcano. In the Museum and we
went into the house I think and then there was a earthquake. We
went to SPCA I saw a cat thats looks like my cat And then. We
went to Kelly tarltons I saw lots of fish and some little sharks
And i saw a really big. Turtle with a baby next to it and it was
have cool and I saw Rangitoto.